Renewable Heat Incentive

  Learn about the Renewable Heat Incentive and its benefits to your customers.


Solar iBoost Plus 




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    Simple installation

    Connects with iBoost+ Buddy

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     Solar filling pump

About Us

From our base on the South Coast, we have delivered thousands of solar thermal systems across the UK and beyond. We supply the full range, from small residential to large commercial, for dhw, space and swimming pool heating. Our leading evacuated tube and flat plate collectors combined with the highest quality heat transfer components ensure excellent performance and reliability.

We specialise in systems that are eligible for the Non- Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). When combined with fuel savings, this can give annual benefits of over £300 per collector per year or the equivalent of £6000 during the scheme's 20 year life (a typical 24 collector commercial system will generate up to £150,000).

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